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Harper Guitars is a custom instrument maker.  We have over 10 different models of guitars, basses and electric mandolins.  We concentrate on custom “one-off” builds, focusing on the customer’s creative design input and Jacob’s vast experience with making an idea become a reality.  Let us build a “high-end”, personalized, custom instrument for you!  The process is easier than you think!  Let’s start the conversation!



Harper Guitars was founded in 2013 by Jacob Harper (Luthier, designer, musician).  Jacob took his part-time job of building guitars (2006 to 2013) to the next level by nailing down several distinctive and eye-catching design elements, including signature shapes, scroll and keystone 3D headstocks.  No two guitars are alike and we thrive on the next exciting challenge a customer brings us!


“I want to create instruments that are sonically superior, extremely comfortable, easy to maintain and become an extension of the artist wielding them, allowing the artist to concentrate on composing and performing.”   -Jacob Harper

...offering many models

Harper Guitars offers a wide variety of custom instruments. Examples below are of actual customer orders and demo inventory.  You can either design your own custom Harper with us or you may want one of our demo models!  Our intention is to provide our customers with a highly customizable instrument that achieves the tone and feel musicians dream of!  All builds are unique to the customer and we only use choice woods and high-end components/ hardware.